The Fisherman’s Camera Trick

To start off September’s camera tricks here is a classic perspective trick that fisherman have been using for years to embellish their fish stories. I caught this 34 inch musky on the Wolf River portion of Upper Post Lake. My dad took the pictures with my iPhone.




Bigger: Just hold the fish out closer to the camera.

Remember this one next time you go fishing.

brooklyn bridge

brooklyn bridge

I thought I would share this photo of the brooklyn bridge I took form the brooklyn bridge Park.  It was under construction so I was not able to get more of the bridge in the photo.  I thought an old time look would look good.  I printed this photo and hung it above an old antique couch I have in the basement.  In the print you dont have the distracting building on the far left of the image.

July – K-Dog

Camera Fair

Here’s my July photos. We took Andrew to the Dane County Fair and then met up with the Camera Company’s outing and the Naglers. I thought taking photos of the rides was going to be pretty fun, but it wasn’t really that interesting. I was feeling a lot more inspired by the people.

Andrew at the Fair

July – lnagler


When John and I went to the fair on Saturday night to shoot the rides, I wasn’t really feeling inspired.  Sunday morning I was dreading looking at my photo dump.  A few turned out a little better than I expected.  This one was cropped quite a bit and I applied a black and white contrast filter.  I also tried to repair the center cap of the wheel a bit, as it was pretty blown out.  The other ‘decent’ images are here:

Shot with Canon EOS 40D, ISO 400, f11, 1/4, 21mm

July – mgweber

Took this photo a couple years ago.  I was driving out on a country road and stopped to shoot some abandon rail cars.  Seemed to say something about Jesus and the conquest of heavy industry, two ideas that should be contradictory but are often both exploited for gain.  Cropped square, bumped vibrancy.  Shot with a Canon EOS Rebel XSi ISO 200, F/8 1/250, 29mm.

jnagler entry for July

Hi All,

This is a picture I took at the beginning of the month at Carl’s son’s birthday party.  I used the toy camera effect in Lightroom to make it a bit more interesting and have the colors pop more.  I could have fixed the hammer in the front to make it more symmetrical, but I do not like to alter scenes when I am shooting.

I will post the details of the shot in the comments.

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